Many CUs have expressed a desire to present a more professional looking CD document to their members for CD Renewals. Currently, you're stuck with the drab looking renewal notice that is automatically generated from the system. Instead, you could be giving your members a very professional looking CD Renewal like the one here.

The way it works is very simple:

1) You generate the data files by running CU92. Instead of sending it to a printer, you send it to a hold file.

2) Next, you fire up my program and simply run it.

The program will automatically archive the data files.

It is a very small program - only 2 meg. It runs on a local PC and uses Windows to manage the printing process to any laser printer. You can even generate PDFs if you want to email them.

We're looking for a few CUs to help test this. If you're intersted, please let us know! The next phase will be to bring on more back office letters and notices.

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