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When you print your forms after the conversion, you get a #NAME? link on your forms. This does not happen on all PCs.

To Fix

I have done some experimental testing on the conversion program to see if I can diagnose the problem, and I believe I have it isolated. It is the MSACCESS.EXE file that is being copied from the conversion CD to the workstations. It appears to me that IF the current workstation's MSACCESS.EXE file is the same version or newer version than what is on the conversion CD, then the forms will NOT work - giving the #Name? error on the forms when printing. If the file is an OLDER version on the workstation, then the forms convert fine.

Here is a fix for this conversion:
  1. Have the CU delete the MSACCESS.EXE file located in their C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ART\Office\ directory. They also need to delete the MSO9.DLL file in this same directory.

  2. If they have already done the conversion and found the forms do not work, then have them rename their SAVEFORM.MDB file located in their C:\FSP\MDB\ directory to ALPSFORM.MDB in the same directory. (The Saveform.mdb file is simply a backup of their original version of forms. Renaming it restores the old file so they can re-run the conversion again). If they have not yet done the conversion on the workstation, then skip this step.

  3. Rerun the conversion program again.
I have found that this will resolve their conversion issue.

Here is the path to each file that needs to be deleted:

delete C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ART\Office\MSACCESS.EXE

delete C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ART\Office\MSO9.DLL

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