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You receive an "Unrecognizable ALPSFORM.MDB format" error or "Unrecognizable FOFORM.MDB format"

More than likely, you burned a copy of the ALPSFORM.MDB* file to a CD then tried to load it on another PC. By default, CDs check the READ ONLY properties. Since the ALPSFORM.MDB* file is a dynamic database, it needs to read and write to it.

How To Fix

Copy the file from the CD to the desktop, then right click on the ALPSFORM.MDB* file on the desktop and select PROPERTIES. Uncheck the READ ONLY box. Then move the ALPSFORM.MDB* file into your C:\FSP\MDB\ directory. Fire up ALPs or FSP-Front Office and check out the new forms.

*Note: Interchange FOFORM.MDB for ALPSFORM.MDB if applicable above. The fix is the same for both files.

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