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Sometimes User Defined fields don't seem to work. You may get the pop up box for the User Defined definition, but after you fill it out, it does not appear on the form. Other times, the pop up box does not even appear.

How to Fix

The fix is very simple, but requires a user to be at a PC that has Microsoft Access installed along with the ALPSFORM.MDB file or FOFORM.MDB file.

To find if you have MS Access, go to START, Programs, and look for Access. Once you locate it, fire Access up.

This should bring you to the OPEN dialog box. You are looking for your ALPSFORM.MDB file, or your FOFORM.MDB file - whichever file we are working with. These files are located in your C:\FSP\MDB\ directory. (To find it from this page, click the link).

Once the file is open, select from the tool bar, TOOLs, Database Utilities, then Repair Database. Once repaired, select TOOLs, Database Utilities, then Compact Database. See screen shot below.

To see if this worked, select the MACRO tab and select PREVIEW FORMS. Double click Preview Forms. This will bring up the Forms Document set. Find the form you are looking for and place a check mark in the appropriate box. Make sure no other forms are checked.  This should pop up the User Defined box for that form. Fill in the blanks and then press OK. See if the User Defined fields now work. If everything prints OK, then go ahead and upload to the host so other folks can have access to your file that you just fixed.

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