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See what other Credit Unions are saying about our service:

"WHOA!!  These forms are great!  You are an ALPs-form genius!" David Roberts - Palmetto Citizens Federal CU

"I got to tell you, Montrose FCU is very lucky to have chosen CU Documents, Inc. and Forms Design, Inc. - the level of service you provide to us is beyond comparison. I know the level of support we get is by far superior and I have no problem letting anyone know how happy we are with your services." -  Eric R. Olsen Director of Marketing/Compliance - Montrose FCU

"You were correct!  I  downloaded the file and the RP is working wonderfully!  YOU ARE A GENIUS!  I'm so happy with what you've been able to do for us.  I will gladly become a reference for you if ever you need one." - Linda McAlister VP of IS - Entrust FCU

"Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on our new forms Ė you make it so easy Ė I appreciate your hard work." Lori Jablonski - Toledo Area FCU

"Thanks for all your help this year. Your solution has been a HUGE improvement over (...another vendor). John Hood - New England FCU

"Wow, you did more in one week than (...another vendor) did in 2 years. Your service is excellent!" Shirley Manual - Gulf CU

"Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE working with you and your company?  You guys are really on the ball and itís such a pleasure to know that I can call you, go to lunch, and come back with a fix to my problem.  Keep up the great work!" Linda McAlister - Entrust CU

"Shirley, our loan processor who handles all of the titles (and me) say THANK YOU! Iím having so much fun with these documents and ALPS.  Iíve been here 15 years and I donít think doing loan processing with documents has ever been so smooth!" Crystal Gonseth - Premier Credit Union

"I just wanted you guys to know how much we appreciate you. Your service the is the best." Penny Sheppard - Spokane Teachers CU

"If you ever need references about your company, ESPECIALLY the service, you have my permission to have them call me. You guys have been wonderful to work with!!"  Kris Lundquist - The Family CU

"Thanks for the great service"  Jack Bulmer - SEFCU

"WOW, that was quick. I didn't think I'd hear from you until tomorrow!" Jeannette Bartus - Pacific Community CU

"I give Tal Novak of Forms Design the highest marks possible for the quality of his product and the added value he brings to the relationship. Tal amazes in his turn around time. Our Credit Union has consistently gotten next day if not same day turnaround on update requests. It's a given that Tal knows forms and how to link data in the ULTRADATA environment. However if you are looking for something more than an order taker, Tal knows how forms and fields should work in the real world of your Credit Union. And isn't increasing efficiency the real reason you became interested in electronic forms in the first place?" Robin Hallman - Citizens Federal Credit Union


"Tal has had extensive lending experience in a credit union on the Ultradata system before starting Forms Design, Inc.  He and his staff understand the system, lending terms, documents, and the importance of being very responsive to his customer's needs.  His costs are very reasonable and the service is excellent.  What more could you want?"  Beth Daugherty - Norlarco CU


"Tal with Forms Design made it so easy for me to set up my forms set. He understands the lending side which is helpful when creating different forms. He can really bring it down to the layman's terms in order to accomplish what is needed. Forms Design has always been very flexible with us. He has made many accommodations for us in order to get what was needed completed.  I have worked with (..other forms integrators..) and I would and do only recommend Tal's services. He is the best!"  Marcella Wevley - Director, Retail Lending & Development - USA Federal Credit Union 

"The forms packages look great! What can I say......you've done more for us in the last couple of months than our previous forms company did in 4 years!  You're great to work with and I look forward to working with you and recommending you." Carol Bishop - Clyde-Findlay Area CU

"Thank you for the super fast service.  You exceeded my expectations.  Very much appreciated."  Mike Zenner - Mayo Employees CU

"I just timed the typing of a LOC loan and it took 11 minutes, that included typing, coping, signing and putting it on the table to go.  Thanks you have done a great job!!"  Janis Fleisher - First Resource FCU

"WOW!!!!! That was fast, thanks a lot......Go Red Wings......"  Jim Wilson - FAA CU

It works!  Matt Nelson, our IT Director said you were a Genius...I think that's a compliment. Thanks for your usual super service. Mike Zenner - Mayo ECU

Outstanding serviceÖwish everyone I dealt with was like you! Chris Coleman - Member One FCU

"Thanks Tal - You're the best" Jo Wong - Denver Community Federal CU

"...I am looking at the forms this AM---thanks for the prompt turn around time!" Frank Beachnau - Consumers CU

"These look really good.  Great work, thanks!" Tom Loveday - Denver Public Schools CU
"...I told them they have the wrong form programmer.  Told them that even when you're gone, we usually get updates within a day or so.   I also told them that not only is your service great, but that your form design is better.  You are the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thanks..."  Todd Dauber - Golden Plains CU

"...all of the forms work great, I will recommend you to other CU's. Thanks again for all of your help" Steve Salazar - Warren Federal CU

"Works great.  Thank you"  Juanita Paxman - Greater Texas CU

"My Loan Officer's love you by the way.  They're thrilled that you made that field for them to type out the amount. Thank you!" Suzuki Stewart - IBMSE CU

"The forms are working fine, as all your stuff does." Cliff Esckelson - Parda Federal CU

"ADVANCE VOUCHER LOOKS GREAT---ANOTHER ONE DOWN!" Dominic Feroleto - Pinellas County Teachers CU

"Thanks for checking in and thanks for your help with the forms.  We appreciate it!"  Rebecca Thoe - Warren Federal CU

"In the past (before Forms Design, Inc.), every upgrade, patch, etc. released by Harland FS was a dreaded event where forms were concerned.  Now, that most of our FSP ALPS credit unions are using Forms Design, I hardly think about it.  If there are any form issues for any of our credit unions, I am confident that if Forms Design is the vendor, you will get right on it and fix the issue right away.  You've proven this time and time again.

Thanks for making my life tremendously easier!  Just because you don't hear from me doesn't mean that I don't appreciate Forms Design every day!   I look forward to working with all of those credit unions that will be transitioned to FSP ALPS over the next year and hearing how excited they are once they begin using your forms.  If Forms Design wasn't around, believe me, I wouldn't be sleeping too well worrying about how our remaining 170+ Ultrafis credit unions were going to get through this!

Thanks for being there for me and for Premier Systems Inc
." - Karen Williams, Technical Forms Analyst for  Harland Financial Enterprise Division (f.k.a. PSI CU)

"Chaco Credit Union has been impressed with Tal's quick and professional service. All of our forms are now in a seamless and efficient format which means better resources for our employees and better service for our members." Anne Marie Sievers - Chaco CU

"...thank you for all the great support during the RESPA mess. Dawn and Sheila have been singing your praises and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate what you do." - John Hood New England FCU

"Thanks Tal for your great support!" John Mayer - Denver Community Federal CU

"This isn't very good service....it's GREAT service." Mike Zenner - Mayo CU

"I just wanted you to know you have made my life a whole lot simpler with these new forms.  Thanks a million times over." Janis Fleisher - First Resource FCU

"They look fantastic.  Thanks again." Bob Priester - Denver Public Schools CU

99% of all our new business comes from referrals. Please, check around and see what others are saying...  I guarantee you'll like our work.

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