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Simply key in your trouble code in the search box to learn more about the error code. Or key in your problem to be taken to the page that offers more information.

Another quick way to view all published trouble codes is to access our Table Of Contents page.


Example:  Enter your error code of 3078 to be taken to the page on how to fix the error.

Example: Enter your text like duplex printing to be taken to the page on how to fix the problem.

Need help with RECALL?
Check out Bob Stubbs with DMS. He provides various types of consulting and training services strictly for ULTRADATA credit unions for the past 15 years.  Some of the types of training include Basic & Advanced Recall, Ultrafis Administration, MESA, system purging and resizing of files as well as OnBase processing.  On-site training or dial-in services available.
Forms Design, Inc.
Office: 616.866.2505
Fax: 240.206.3225
6091 Belding Road. NE
Rockford MI 49341