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How would you like to securely Email teller receipts directly to your member? Now you can!

We have an email receipt software program from CDP that allows you to email your teller receipts securely to your members instead of printing them. Here is how it works:

  • A receipt is printed which launches the Email Receipt program automatically.

  • The Teller can click the email button and securely send the receipt to the email address displayed, enter the email address on the fly if it does not exist in the database, add an additional email address for a Joint Member for example, or print a paper receipt if required.

  • The member will receive a secure email with the receipt image attached.

  • Once the member registers for the first time, they can have the option to remember the Username and Password.

Please click here to see a demo of this program.

The solution is entirely client/server based, and can run in a variety of environments including thin and thick client.

Pricing is based on the number of branches using the software, not the number of emails sent out. This allows you to accurately and easily budget. Please contact us to get more information.