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We're now selling the Epson TM88V thermal printers with the interface for Ultradata. If you have a forms relationship with us (under our maintenance plan), then your price is $780 for the Ethernet version.

These printers are designed for use by your teller area, call center, drive thru or any area that handles teller transactions. Click here for an example of a receipt; (your receipt may look different, so please don't use this as a sample for scale.) These printers are quiet, quick and take up very little space. They come with a 4 year warranty and 2 color choices - cool white, or charcoal gray. This new model is 50% faster than the previous model and is ENERGY STAR qualified.

If you are interested in purchasing  some printers, please click here.  The order form is an Online fillable PDF form. Use your mouse and keyboard to complete the order. Then print and fax to us.

First time buyers: BUY NOW

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Reorder Printers

Click here to see the spec sheet on the TM-88IV printers.

Click here for Thermal Printer Paper pricing.

Click here for a troubleshooting document.

Click live receipt to see the embedded signature line in the data stream.

Click here to view the thermal printer in 3D. When viewing, you can click on the printer, hold your mouse down, and move it around to see all sides of it. In this view,  you can see the dimensions and how to load the paper.


We love the printers!  The members love the receipts, the tellers love how small the printers are, everyone loves the quiet!  What more can I say? Hopefully, they will let me put more of them at our other branches. Matt Nelson - Mayo ECU

We have been using 2 or 3 dozen thermal receipt printers for about a year now without the slightest hiccup!  The first time I had to think about them was a couple weeks ago when I ordered more paper.  Brilliant!!! Jeffrey Will - Town & Country FCU

They love it.  The rest of the tellers wanted to know when they would get one.  Actually, the teller who got the one so far actually jumped up and down cause she was so excited. No mess, no jamming, no worries about where it prints on the paper, less of an area it takes up, no changing toner/ink cartridges, quiet… the list goes on and on! Jennifer Hanson - Postal CU

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