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Transferring files over the internet is the fastest way to exchange data. 

Follow these easy steps to send your file to us:

  • Locate your ALPSFORM.MDB, or FOFORM.MDB database on your server or PC (Path = C:\FSP\MDB\ )
  • WinZip the file (Right click on the Alpsform.mdb file and select WinZip)
  • Email the file to us (if less than 3 meg) or FTP it to our servers.
  • If you need help on how to use WinZip, click here for a tutorial.

To upload a file we send to you, follow these steps:

  • On one PC, move your current ALPSFORM.MDB or FOFORM.MDB file to a safe location.
  • Unzip the new file we sent to you - it will self install in the proper location.
  • Test the new file out before you broadcast to the server.

You can use the document transfer tool in ALPs or FSP-Front Office. This tool allows you to transfer the forms file to the host. When your employees sign on to the system, the tool looks at the database on their PC and compares it to the one on the host. If the host has a more recent (newer) version of forms, then it will automatically transfer the new file to the employee's PC and update their forms. To learn how to do this, click here.


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