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We are pleased to welcome the  group of credit unions from Premier Systems, Inc.  Dick Neri, (Harland Enterprise Solutions EVP, f.k.a. PSI CU), has asked us to partner with PSI to provide his credit unions with forms integration for the PSI system. We do Loan forms, Real Estate forms and Front Office (Membership) forms. All forms are customized to your specifications and fully integrated into your system. We work closely with PSI to ensure a smooth transition for your forms project. If you are looking for new compliant forms, let us know and we will coordinate the project for you and help you land the best deal possible.

If you are new to this process, click here for more information.

Support for your forms does not end with the installation. For one low monthly fee, we have a maintenance package that will ensure your forms get the attention they need such as:

  • Provide reasonable changes to any forms* as needed by Credit Union. Reasonable is defined as up to 25% of the content of the form. Form change requests involving greater than 25% of the form content will require an additional negotiated fee between the Credit Union and Forms Design, Inc.

  • Unlimited support.  There is no limit to the amount of time you spend on the phone or email for support. We may request that you gather as many of your changes as possible so we can efficiently process them at one time. Our philosophy is simple: your forms will work the way you want them to - period.

  • Provide disaster recovery services of the forms file. In the event your file becomes corrupt or deleted, we will provide you with our latest version of your forms file. You may be required to upgrade the version to your newest version release.

  • Maintain your entire forms database for any upgrades, enhancements, or changes. This plan covers ALL of your forms, including Front Office AND ALPs. This includes any changes to your forms database during a conversion, if required. Please notify us of any upcoming conversions so that we may assist your information technology employees, if necessary

  •  Let you know of any changes that we hear of from your compliance council. You may want to let your forms vendor know that Forms Design, Inc. is your forms integrator so they can pass any regulatory changes on to us for file updates.


The maintenance plan is prorated for the first year from the month you sign up until December 31 then annualized on the subsequent January. Billing for the year is in January. You may cancel the plan at anytime, but no refunds will be given. Any requested changes to forms that exceed 25% of the content will require a negotiated fee between Forms Design, Inc. and the Credit Union.

Pricing is based on the number of forms in your combined libraries (both FO and ALPs). For CUs with 1 - 4 forms, the price is $30/mo. 5 - 25 forms is $83/mo, 26 - 50 forms is $125/mo, 51 - 100 forms is $167/mo, and for CUs with 101 forms on up, the price is $208/mo.

*The Credit Union is responsible to obtain written approval from the copyright holder before Forms Design can make modifications to copyrighted forms.

To get started, click here to print the necessary paperwork, or give us a call at 616.866.2505 or drop us an email.

Forms Design, Inc.
Office: 616.866.2505
Fax: 240.206.3225
6091 Belding Rd. NE
Rockford MI 49341